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Fuss-free pasta bake recipe, per­fect for a mid-week meal that ev­ery­one will en­joy

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This sim­ple one-tray meal is sure to be­come a firm fam­ily favourite.

1 ta­ble­spoon ex­tra vir­gin olive oil £ œ˜ˆœ˜] w˜iÞ V…œ««i` Ó VœÛià }>ÀˆV] ̅ˆ˜Þ ψVi` £ Ì>Li뜜˜ ̅ޓi i>Ûià Ãi> Ã>Ì >˜` VÀ>VŽi` L>VŽ «i««iÀ 400g penne Ó …i>`à LÀœVVœˆ] VÕÌ ˆ˜Ìœ yœÀiÌÃ Ó VÕ«Ã ­xä䓏® Ș}i VÀi>“ £ Ì>Li뜜˜ i“œ˜ Àˆ˜` Ó VÕ«Ã ­Óää}® }À>Ìi` “œââ>Ài> £ää} y>Ì «>˜ViÌÌ>] ̅ˆ˜Þ ψVi`

ˆ˜Ìœ >À`œœ˜Ã Ó VÕ«Ã ­£{ä}® ÜÕÀ`œÕ}… LÀi>`VÀՓLÃ

STEP 1 Pre­heat the oven to 180°C. Heat the oil in a large fry­ing pan over medium heat. Add the onion, gar­lic, thyme, salt and pep­per and cook for 5–6 minutes or un­til soft­ened. Cook the pasta in a large saucepan of salted boil­ing wa­ter for 8–10 minutes or un­til al dente. Add the broc­coli and cook for 30 sec­onds or un­til just ten­der. Drain well.

STEP 2 Place the pasta, broc­coli, cream, lemon rind, onion mix­ture and half of the moz­zarella in an 18cm x 32cm deep-sided oven dish and stir to com­bine.

STEP 3 Top with the pancetta, bread­crumbs and re­main­ing moz­zarella.

STEP 4 Cook for 30–35 minutes or un­til golden brown and crisp. Serve. Serves 4–6.

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