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While most read­ers weren’t far off the mark with last week’s mys­tery item, Judy Fletcher has quite the per­sonal con­nec­tion.

Judy’s grandfather used choco­late moulds much like these when he owned a con­fec­tionery fac­tory in the 1950s. The rounded moulds were used to shape the marsh­mal­low fill­ing of snow­balls, while the nar­row one was used for crock­ets (snow­balls mi­nus the co­conut coat­ing). Thanks to ev­ery­one for their sub­mis­sions. Oth­ers with the cor­rect an­swer in­cluded Adrian Jack, Lynn Mather, Kerry Turfrey, Adri­ana Beachtime, Dean Mid­g­ley, Cindy Jones, and Kris­tine Danielewicz.

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