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You can’t see it but it will sure keep you toasty, writes Jen­nifer Veer­huis, about un­der­floor heat­ing

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Ex­pert ad­vice on the best un­der­floor heat­ing

QWe’re build­ing a new house and we’re con­sid­er­ing un­der­floor heat­ing. Does it ac­tu­ally work and at what point would we need to get it in­stalled?

AWhile there are many dif­fer­ent types of heat­ing on the mar­ket, un­der­floor heat­ing is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar.

Un­der­floor heat­ing is in­stalled dur­ing the build­ing process, ei­ther when the house is be­ing first built or as part of a ren­o­va­tion. It can be in­stalled un­der a va­ri­ety of sur­faces in­clud­ing tiles, stone, tim­ber, vinyl, bam­boo and car­pet, usu­ally over con­crete slabs.

Amuheat sup­plies elec­tric and hy­dronic un­der­floor heat­ing sys­tems and di­rec­tor Al­fred Vasco (pic­tured) says both types are pop­u­lar.

Hy­dronic sys­tems use pipes and hot wa­ter, while elec­tric sys­tems have elec­tric ca­bles.

“Typ­i­cally hy­dronic heat­ing is in­stalled in ar­eas that are greater than 100 square me­tres,” Al­fred says.

“When you com­pare a hy­dronic heat­ing sys­tem to an elec­tric sys­tem, the run­ning costs for hy­dronic are con­sid­er­ably less.”

But, he says, it is not suited to smaller spa­ces and that’s where elec­tric sys­tems can be used. “If you in­stall hy­dronic un­der­floor heat­ing in an area less than 100 square me­tres it ac­tu­ally costs more to run com­pared to an elec­tric-based sys­tem,” he says.

“Elec­tric un­der­floor heat­ing sys­tems are pop­u­lar if some­one is do­ing a bath­room ren­o­va­tion or a kitchen ren­o­va­tion or in a home where they’re try­ing to heat just one room or two rooms.”

Al­fred says un­der­floor heat­ing can be used as the pri­mary heat source in the cooler months.

“The ben­e­fits of a floor heat­ing-based sys­tem are that it of­fers more com­fort as the heat is evenly spread through­out the house,” he says. “You don’t have heat con­cen­trated in one cor­ner where the heater has been in­stalled. Heat­ing from the floor cre­ates a com­fort­able en­vi­ron­ment.”

A ther­mo­stat al­lows you to con­trol the tem­per­a­ture ef­fec­tively.

“Also for peo­ple who are sen­si­tive to al­ler­gies or dust, the un­der­floor heat­ing doesn’t con­trib­ute to those com­mon causes of al­ler­gies,” Al­fred says. “There’s no mov­ing air and there’s no gas in the space.”

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