Sweet, cud­dly ‘oo­dles’ win a city’s heart

Sunday Tasmanian - - News - ANNE MATHER

LABRADORS and Mal­tese ter­ri­ers are among the No.1 dog breeds across Ho­bart, though oo­dles of “oo­dles” are run­ning fast to close the gap.

In the mu­nic­i­pal­ity of Ho­bart, labradors are the most pop­u­lar dog — but Mal­tese ter­ri­ers reign supreme on the Eastern Shore.

Though labradoo­dles are com­ing in at fourth place in Ho­bart, the curly bun­dles are spear­head­ing a herd of breeds that are crossed with poo­dles.

Be­hav­iour vet­eri­nar­ian Dr Ka­t­rina Ward said poo­dles were a de­sir­able pet be­cause of their in­tel­li­gence and low­shed­ding coats, so the trend of cross­ing them with other breeds was grow­ing.

“The oo­dles are be­com­ing very pop­u­lar,” she said.

The re­sult is not only labradoo­dles (labrador cross poo­dles) but cavoo­dles (a cav­a­lier cross), Sch­noo­zles (cross schnauzers) and moo­dles (cross Mal­tese ter­ri­ers).

She said labradors had been a tra­di­tion­ally pop­u­lar dog be­cause peo­ple were al­ready fa­mil­iar with them, so they were per­ceived as a safe bet.

“Labradors are of­ten ser­vice dogs and guide dogs so they are out there in the pub­lic and peo­ple are fa­mil­iar with them,” Dr Ward said.

She said they were fairly sta­ble dogs, and fun to ex­er­cise be­cause they were gen­er­ally good re­triev­ers.

But Dr Ward cau­tioned peo­ple against as­sum­ing all dogs within a breed had the same tem­per­a­ment.There were dif­fer­ent tem­per­a­ments within breeds, and within lit­ters.

Labrador owner Dr Manty Arnott, from North Ho­bart Vet­eri­nary Hos­pi­tal, said she loved labs be­cause of their “ir­re­press­ible ex­u­ber­ance”.

“I love all dogs but what I love about labs is the way they make ev­ery day seem like it’s the best ever,” she said.

Dr Arnott said she saw all breeds at the vet clinic — and cer­tainly lots of “oo­dles”.

“There are loads of oo­dles, they are re­ally sweet dogs and look so cud­dly.”

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