Let’s end this prej­u­dice

Sunday Tasmanian - - News - ES­THER WOODHAMS

To those politi­cians at­tempt­ing to si­lence my opinion, you are hyp­ocrites.

ICAN’T be­lieve I’m go­ing to say this, but for the first time … I agree with Paul. Re­cent his­tory is lit­tered with ap­palling acts of dis­crim­i­na­tion, seg­re­ga­tion, prej­u­dice and hos­til­ity. I can’t be­lieve this mo­ment will be added to it. The only ques­tion we should be ask­ing is, which side of his­tory do you want to be on? It’s still im­plau­si­ble to me that seg­re­ga­tion in the US ended just over 50 years ago. Why did so many peo­ple have to lose their lives in the fight to be treated bet­ter than a sewer rat? Had I been born in the late 1800s, I would have been forced to for­feit any right to stand as an equal to any man. All be­cause of my gen­der. Hell, I wouldn’t have even had con­trol over my own cy­cles. The buf­foons that stood against the rights of fe­males, sug­gested that our sex made us “un­fit for di­rect com­pe­ti­tion for men”. When women’s suf­frage came to fruition the world did change … but for the bet­ter. Re­gard­less of your pol­i­tics, we were given world lead­ers such as Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher.

Along came business moguls like Oprah and Gina Rine­hart. And per­haps most im­por­tantly, we got Judge Judy!

To the Tas­ma­nian politi­cians who have at­tempted to si­lence peo­ple like me and the me­dia with threats of retri­bu­tion, you’re noth­ing but a bunch of school­yard bul­lies.

I will not present an un­bi­ased case and en­dorse words that will di­vide good peo­ple into sec­tions, cat­e­gories, groups. I will not be prej­u­diced to­wards peo­ple within our com­mu­nity.

To those politi­cians at­tempt­ing to si­lence my opinion, you are hyp­ocrites. You’ve had your un­cen­sored say by align­ing your­selves with the “say no cam­paign”, so let me have mine. Vote “YES”.

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