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I DEF­I­NITELY agree with MLC Ivan Dean’s out­rage that the in­quiry into the Fox Task­force by DPIPWE has been qui­etly stopped.

The task­force op­er­ated for many years on the pre­tence that there were foxes in the state. How­ever, af­ter spend­ing many mil­lions of dol­lars, not one live fox was found.

Ev­i­dence was pro­duced by the task­force that was proved to be false and mis­lead­ing.

A per­son or per­sons made a good liv­ing out of work­ing for the task­force. It should not mat­ter that all those in­volved with the task­force have re­signed.

The tax­pay­ers of Tas­ma­nia have a right to know where all the money has gone with­out a re­sult.

Hope­fully the In­tegrity Com­mis­sion in­quiry will be able to pro­vide an out­come to all the ques­tions about the task­force that are still unan­swered. Alan Leitch Austins Ferry

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