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I READ with in­ter­est the ar­ti­cle about the obe­sity is­sue in our state ( Sun­day Tas­ma­nian, May 27). Un­for­tu­nately, obe­sity is a prob­lem due to af­flu­ence and poor ed­u­ca­tion/in­struc­tion as well as the ease of ob­tain­ing ‘junk’ food.

The so­lu­tion to obe­sity is not more lap bands, but en­cour­ag­ing healthy eat­ing as Dr Fehre from Launce­s­ton elab­o­rated.

Most peo­ple have ac­cess to shops that sup­ply fresh food, but ei­ther due to con­ve­nience or ig­no­rance tend to eat food that is high in car­bo­hy­drates, trans­fats and low in low GI veges/ starch com­bi­na­tions.

Rather then clog up the hospi­tal streams, these peo­ple need to be shown how to pre­pare tasty meals from healthy in­gre­di­ents (A high GI diet is di­a­beto­genic, while low GI or high fi­bre di­ets slow the di­ges­tive process, are gut­pro­tec­tive and helps slow or pre­vent glu­cose spikes and in­sulin is­sues).

Also, peo­ple should be shown how walk­ing even 1km a day will help strengthen and build mus­cle, and de­velop a mind­set of self-help, rather then rely on the med­i­cal pro­fes­sion to solve all ills.

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