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MAYBE if those in the coun­cil spent more time look­ing at hous­ing and less time look­ing at name changes and colour­ful flags we could solve both prob­lems at once. Si­mon Behrakis

DE­VEL­OP­ERS can’t win. If they do build they’re in the wrong, if they don’t they’re also in the wrong. Just ap­prove some­thing. Stop slap­ping them down. Ho­bart will be turned into a back­wa­ter no one wants to live in if we just let it stag­nate. El­lie McNiece

NAH, it’s all Airbnb. No way it could be a sys­temic fail­ure of lo­cal and state govern­ments to fore­cast and plan ac­cord­ingly. James Fagg

LIGHT rail + mul­ti­ple ferry ter­mi­nals + in­creased den­sity al­lowances near stops pos­si­bly via the statewide planning scheme + slight tight­en­ing of Airbnb reg­u­la­tions = solved. The Gov­ern­ment could knock this over in an af­ter­noon. Ben Can­non

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