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AN ar­ti­cle in the Sun­day Tas­ma­nian tells of the State Govern­ment fund­ing a plan to the amount of $150,000 to trap and eu­thanase the beau­ti­ful sugar glider be­cause they say they are caus­ing de­creas­ing num­bers of the swift par­rot (“Par­rot mission tar­gets glid­ers”, Sun­day Tas­ma­nian, Septem­ber 30).

It is said they raid the swift par­rots’ nests, eat the eggs and kill the ba­bies and/or kill the adult birds.

Ap­par­ently this has not ac­tu­ally been wit­nessed, just that they have been seen en­ter­ing and leaving the nests.

Wildlife ex­perts are call­ing for sugar glid­ers to be stripped of their pro­tected sta­tus due to the fact they are not na­tive to Tas­ma­nia, hav­ing been in­tro­duced here dur­ing the 1800s. The sugar glid­ers will be trapped and eu­thanased.

Why do we al­low th­ese mis­takes against na­ture to hap­pen due to short-sight­ed­ness by govern­ment de­part­ments and lack of com­pas­sion to­wards crea­tures?

We don’t have the right to con­tinue to slaugh­ter (and that’s ex­actly what it is) when some­one de­cides that some crea­ture may be caus­ing a prob­lem.

Why do th­ese lit­tle crea­tures have to be eu­thanased? Why can’t they be ei­ther re­lo­cated to other ar­eas in Tas­ma­nia, or to their nat­u­ral habi­tats in Vic­to­ria? Or would that re­quire too much ef­fort on the part of the rel­e­vant de­part­ments?

If the swift par­rot num­bers are threat­ened, it has more to do with the Govern­ment al­low­ing so much de­for­esta­tion, de­stroy­ing their habi­tats.

This is a dis­gust­ing so­lu­tion by the Govern­ment, but then what could we ex­pect when they al­low the use of the hor­ri­fy­ingly cruel poi­son 1080? Elaine Goodyer Bridge­wa­ter

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