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IF the Coali­tion Govern­ment thinks the is­sue of live ex­port is go­ing away, it has an­other thing com­ing. The is­sue is very much alive and a pow­er­ful votechanger/in­flu­encer — cer­tainly among the many peo­ple I speak to about this vile so-called trade.

The Coali­tion’s con­tin­ued sup­port for ex­treme an­i­mal cru­elty, which is what this trade is all about, has been noted and will be re­mem­bered.

I was speak­ing to a Lib­eral voter (now for­mer) last week. She told me she and her hus­band and daugh­ter had no idea what was go­ing on and were hor­ri­fied by what they saw on 60 Min­utes: sheep drown­ing in their own waste, lambs un­able to stand, bod­ies crushed, sheep thrown over­board like garbage. I ex­plained that La­bor has com­mit­ted to phas­ing out this dis­gust­ing prac­tice. She will now vote La­bor and she says she’ll do all she can to en­sure her hus­band and daugh­ter do the same.

If Coali­tion MPs know what’s good for them they will use their in­flu­ence to end live ex­port. It’s a po­lit­i­cal headache they know they can ill af­ford. Want some ev­i­dence? Take a look at Newspoll.

Elec­toral ar­maged­don awaits. Paul Mur­phy South Launce­s­ton

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