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WHEN Gus­tav Wein­dor­fer first vis­ited the Tasmanian wilder­ness he threw his arms wide and said: “This must be a na­tional park for the peo­ple for all time. It is mag­nif­i­cent.” Roll for­ward to the present times and it is now fast be­com­ing a day-trip des­ti­na­tion for the well-heeled who like to fly over it be­cause their time is too pre­cious for them to ac­tu­ally walk in.

To make mat­ters worse we now have a pri­vate com­pany set­ting up a fish­ing camp on an is­land which has been leased to them by the Gov­ern­ment. The pub­lic (who own the land) are kept in the dark about the deal due to the Gov­ern­ment’s usual ex­cuse of “com­mer­cial in con­fi­dence”.

We will now have well over 100 he­li­copter flights bring­ing in the rich to fish our wa­ters. It’s go­ing to be a bit like Apoca­lypse

Now: “I love the smell of rich peo­ple in he­li­copters, it smells like vic­tory.”

Niall Ste­wart Ho­bart

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