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PER­MA­NENT dumb, sorry, drum lines in the Whitsundays in a bid to stop shark at­tacks?

Want to stop sharks bit­ing us? Not play­ing in their back­yards as if we owned them would be a good start.

It’s an idea that might be worth con­sid­er­ing the next time we take a bite out of the next piece of flake we rip into when eat­ing our fish and chips.

Now there’s an idea that might ac­tu­ally work. We could kill just about every shark in the sea sim­ply by do­ing what we’re al­ready do­ing: we could go on bat­ter­ing them to death.

Yes, it’s tragic that an­other hu­man be­ing has been killed by a shark, and jok­ing about it isn’t ap­pro­pri­ate. But fill­ing the ocean with drum lines isn’t ap­pro­pri­ate ei­ther.

Why can’t we just ac­cept the fact that shark at­tacks will con­tinue to oc­cur as long as peo­ple con­tinue to seek the en­joy­ment and the plea­sure of the home they [sharks] live in?

And if we can’t do that, God help any crea­tures — be they sharks or any­thing else — that get in our way just by go­ing about liv­ing in ac­cor­dance with their own na­tures and in their own en­vi­ron­ments. Michael McCall Prim­rose Sands

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