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What is the rarest blood type in Aus­tralia? In what month does the Royal Mel­bourne Show run each year? Which of Shake­speare’s plays is known as “The Scot­tish Play”? Will Ar­nett voices the ti­tle char­ac­ter of which animated sit­com? Cor­po­ral of Horse is a rank in which coun­try’s army? Which rap­per starred in the 1991 film CoolasIce? The ALDI su­per­mar­ket chain was founded in which coun­try? What year did Peter the Great die? How many white keys are on a stan­dard mod­ern pi­ano? Who is the star of Ri­d­ley Scott’s film TheMar­tian? How long is an Olympic marathon in kilo­me­tres? In our so­lar sys­tem which planet has the high­est av­er­age sur­face tem­per­a­ture? How many bones are in a hu­man hand? The Leigh Matthews Tro­phy is awarded in which sport? Which coun­try hosted the 1976 Win­ter Olympic Games? Robert De Niro stars in which 2015 movie with Anne Hath­away? What year was Aus­tralian air­line Qan­tas founded? Casey Jones is a char­ac­ter associated with which fran­chise? Who recorded the al­bum Black Pa­rade? What per­cent­age of Nutella is ac­tu­ally hazel­nuts? In what year was Brit­ney Spears’ sin­gle “… BabyOneMoreT ime” re­leased? What was the name of the last Tsar of Rus­sia? Which city will host the 2020 Sum­mer Olympic Games? Which coun­try is Hugh Lau­rie from? Merida is a char­ac­ter from which Dis­ney movie? What colour over­alls does Roger Rab­bit wear? Which el­e­ment has the atomic num­ber 3? What two colours fea­ture on the flag of Peru? Which ma­jor re­li­gion ob­serves the holy day Yom Kip­pur? Helianthus plants are bet­ter known by what name? An­swers, this page

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