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Land-based sen­sei HIROAKI NAKA­MURA shares his hard-won knowl­edge on catch­ing the mighty bar­ra­mundi with­out a boat

WE went fish­ing on Nick Pas­pa­ley’s big boat for three days last week.

I fished on the boat for the first time in one and a half years. I think you might know this al­ready; my oc­cu­pa­tion is not a bar­ra­mundi fish­er­man in the first place. I usu­ally work for Pas­pa­ley Pear­ling Co. The first time I met Nick Pas­pa­ley was in 1988. He is the first pearl pro­ducer to pro­duce the world’s best south sea pearls with­out any chem­i­cal treat­ments.

As you know, Aus­tralian south sea pearls are the most beau­ti­ful pearls in the world. These three days were very fun.

We en­joyed mud-crab catch­ing, reef fish­ing, bar­ra­mundi fish­ing and tuna fish­ing. Be­cause of Mr Pas­pa­ley’s guid­ance those fish­ing all went very well.

I caught a big golden snap­per on a 60g jig­ging lure with a slice of squid.

This was re­quired for search­ing out a pro­duc­tive fish­ing reef. I caught a bar­ra­mundi on a hand­made lure made by Bill Jack­son for trawl­ing.

This tim­ber lure caused an ‘ag­gres­sive’ wob­bling ac­tion.

Mr Jack­son makes his tim­ber lures pos­si­ble to cre­ate high-qual­ity fin­ished form. I nor­mally fish bar­ra­mundi on lure through land-based tech­niques.

The best tide shifts are those with the best fish­ing point every hour.

On the other hand, the wind con­di­tion op­er­ates pow­er­fully on the fish­ing re­sult for good and bad.

Nick Pas­pa­ley also lightly ref­er­enced the wind con­di­tion when we were trawl­ing.

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