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1 Eric Sch­midt is the for­mer CEO of which in­ter­net com­pany? 2 Film­maker Dun­can Jones is the son of which fa­mous rock star? 3 In which city is An­toni Gaudi‘s Sagrada Fa­milia? 4 What is the south­ern­most town in the world? 5 What is the cap­i­tal and largest city in Bangladesh? 6 In what artis­tic medium does Ma­rina Abramovich work? 7 How many lev­els are there in the In­ter­na­tional Nu­clear Event Scale? 8 What is the next largest body in the so­lar sys­tem af­ter Earth? 9 What year was the Gun­dam an­i­mated fran­chise cre­ated? 10 Aurora, Legacy and Reka are all va­ri­eties of which fruit? 11 Aeschy­lus was killed by hav­ing which crea­ture dropped on his head by an ea­gle? 12 What is the name of ac­tress Car­rie Fisher’s pet bull ter­rier? 13 Sa­muel Colt is as­so­ci­ated with what type of firearm? 14 In which Ital­ian city was Antonio Vi­valdi born? 15 Which mu­sic group re­leased the 1966 hit Spick­sandSpecks? 16 Ju­lia Roberts and Ni­cole Kid­man co-star in which 2015 thriller? 17 The Cornish dish stargazy pie has what pok­ing out of the top? 18 The Onka­paringa River is in which Aus­tralian state? 19 Which coun­try was in­vaded by Iraq in 1990, lead­ing to the Gulf War? 20 What an­i­mal was Scab­bers in the Harry Pot­ter se­ries? 21 In which coun­try are Drumheller and Saskatchewan? 22 Asunción is the cap­i­tal of what coun­try? 23 In what year was the movie

Poin­tBreak re­leased? 24 The state flag of Ber­lin is il­lus­trated with which an­i­mal? 25 In tra­di­tional lore, Santa’s sleigh is led by how many rein­deer? 26 Who nar­rated the 2015 doc­u­men­tary AnotherCoun­try? 27 What is New Zealand’s long­est river? 28 The rapper Clif­ford Smith is bet­ter known by what name? 29 What is the main in­gre­di­ent in the Ja­vanese dish botok? 30 Which is the largest of the Greek is­lands? An­swers, this page

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