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THE Is­lamists try­ing to de­stroy us are bad enough. Worse are the in­flu­en­tial ac­tivists mak­ing Aus­tralia seem not worth sav­ing. Po­lice across Aus­tralia are now in­ves­ti­gat­ing about 70 ter­ror­ism plots, but so far we’ve been lucky.

We haven’t been hit as hard as Britain, which has suf­fered five se­ri­ous ter­ror­ist at­tacks this year af­ter last week’s bomb­ing of a Lon­don train.

Yet just when an Is­lamist Right de­clares us too hate­ful to live, an ac­tivist Left agrees Aus­tralia is too hate­ful to de­fend.

Last week, for in­stance, Coun­cil­lor Sue Bolton jus­ti­fied her More­land coun­cil’s de­ci­sion to scrap Aus­tralia Day cer­e­monies on Jan­uary 26 by claim­ing that “cel­e­brat­ing that date would be like cel­e­brat­ing the Nazi Holo­caust as Ger­many Day”.

She ex­plained: “What hap­pened to the Abo­rig­i­nal and Tor­res Strait Is­lan­der peo­ple from that date was a holo­caust.”

It beg­gars be­lief that a city coun­cil­lor could se­ri­ously liken the Nazis’ ef­forts to phys­i­cally wipe out all Jews — slaugh­ter­ing six mil­lion — with the clumsy and some­times bru­tal at­tempts by Bri­tish colo­nial­ists to live side-by-side with Abo­rig­ines.

But Bolton’s id­iocy is not the is­sue. It’s her ir­re­spon­si­bil­ity.

Con­sider: what is she telling chil­dren from im­mi­grant cul­tures prouder than our own? Surely, it must be that Aus­tralia de­serves not their loy­alty but con­tempt — and even ha­tred?

Sure, dis­miss Bolton’s rant­ings as all you’d ex­pect from the Vic­to­rian con­vener of So­cial­ist Al­liance.

But she is an elected coun­cil­lor, and her fel­low coun­cil­lors agree our past is so shame­ful that, like two other Mel­bourne coun­cils, they’ve banned cel­e­brat­ing Aus­tralia Day on the date of the first Bri­tish set­tle­ment.

What’s more, they belong to a great wave of rad­i­cal aca­demics, jour­nal­ists, teach­ers and Aus­tralian Hu­man Rights Com­mis­sion com­mis­sars dump­ing on Aus­tralia.

The AHRC, in its in­fa­mous Bring­ing Them Home report, even claimed white of­fi­cials were so evil that they stole up to 100,000 chil­dren just be­cause they were Abo­rig­i­nal, in an act of “sys­tem­atic racial dis­crim­i­na­tion and geno­cide”.

Never mind that “stolen gen­er­a­tions” pro­pa­gan­dists, such as Pro­fes­sor Robert Manne, can­not name even 10 truly “stolen” chil­dren and that our courts have found only one — Bruce Trevor­row, stolen from hos­pi­tal by a so­cial worker ac­tu­ally con­vinced he’d been abused and aban­doned.

Such is the hunger to be­lieve the worst of our­selves that truth does not matter.

Even top politi­cians, in­stead, in­vent fresh false­hoods about our evil. La­bor leader Bill Shorten, for in­stance, this year told par­lia­ment “we poi­soned the water holes; we dis­trib­uted blan­kets in­fested with dis­eases we knew would kill”, and not one aca­demic cor­rected his fake his­tory.

Most bizarre of all, we now have an un­prece­dented day of na­tional self-loathing — an an­nual Sorry Day — as if we were a na­tion of moral crim­i­nals. Mean­while, in this frenzy to con­vict our­selves, jour­nal­ists and ac­tivists at­tack our stat­ues as mon­u­ments to racists and our flag as a rag of shame. We even ap­point as Aus­tralians of the Year peo­ple who agree we’re ter­ri­ble. Adam Goodes claimed we’d had “govern­ments that have ... raped, killed and stolen”.

But when we make Aus­tralia seem so hate­ful, how can we make new ar­rivals from prouder cul­tures feel it’s not just worth join­ing but de­fend­ing?

I’ve wor­ried about this ever since I dropped in a decade ago on the then More­land Se­condary Col­lege to learn why its re­sults were shock­ing and non-Mus­lim stu­dents were flee­ing.

The new prin­ci­pal showed me a video the stu­dents had made of them­selves, which she thought summed up the school spirit.

“I’m Le­banese,” de­clared one stu­dent in an Aus­tralian ac­cent. “I’m Egyp­tian,” said the next.

“I’m Turk­ish.”

I, too, en­joy my Dutch back­ground but there are dan­gers in preach­ing such di­vi­sion. I learnt later that some stu­dents had cel­e­brated the Septem­ber 11 at­tacks on the US.

So, to the Left­ists who think it moral to vil­ify their coun­try: you are play­ing with fire.

Lis­ten to how your ab­surd hate­speech is be­ing in­ter­preted.

Here is Keysar Trad, for­mer pres­i­dent of the Aus­tralian Fed­er­a­tion of Is­lamic Coun­cils, back when he was a trans­la­tor for a pro-al Qaeda mag­a­zine: “The crim­i­nal dregs of white so­ci­ety colonised this coun­try . . . and the de­scen­dants of these crim­i­nal dregs tell us that they are bet­ter than us.’’

Here is Was­sim Douheiri, spokesman for Aus­tralia’s Hizb-utTahrir: “Even if a thou­sand bombs go off in this coun­try, all it will prove is that Mus­lims are an­gry and have ev­ery right to be an­gry.”

Why tell such peo­ple the lie that Aus­tralia is a land of racism and geno­cide?

Might some not con­clude it de­serves de­struc­tion?

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