Re­new­ables not to blame for high prices

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SOME of your cor­re­spon­dents still be­lieve that us­ing re­new­able en­ergy some­how equates to cave dwelling (Daily, Oc­to­ber 11).

While it is a cute idea, spawned in the imag­i­na­tion of peo­ple with­out much imag­i­na­tion, it is part of the great gunk which in­hibits the smooth tran­si­tion from what we do now, i.e. dis­rupt the cli­mate, to a far less dis­rup­tive life­style, which might give us a lit­tle longer to work out how to ac­tu­ally live sus­tain­ably.

The worn and long-ago dis­cred­ited be­lief high elec­tric­ity prices and/or black­outs in SA has some di­rect con­nec­tion with re­new­ables, is still car­ried by the few who are un­will­ing to do any re­search that might un­der­mine their own ide­ol­ogy.

The high en­ergy prices all across Aus­tralia, and es­pe­cially in South Aus­tralia, have much more to do with the in­creas­ing cost of LPG and the un­su­per­vised ex­pan­sion of su­per­struc­ture.

It is ar­gued that re­new­ables have ac­tu­ally had a de­press­ing ef­fect on en­ergy prices.

Aus­tralia’s ef­fort to re­duce its CO2 foot­print can be sig­nif­i­cant be­cause we are the 13th high­est pro­ducer of CO2 in the world and we are the high­est per capita pro­ducer.

We can’t ex­pect other na­tions to weigh in un­less we do, and it will take all of us. — STEVE HALL Cooroy

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