AT LEAST 12 cats have gone miss­ing in PEREGIAN SPRINGS and con­cerned fam­i­lies are blam­ing cat haters who have been voic­ing their dis­dain for the an­i­mals on so­cial me­dia in re­cent times.

Miss­ing fe­lines mys­tery

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TASHA Beb­bing­ton’s cat Rusty has been miss­ing since Sun­day morn­ing.

He is part of the fur­ni­ture in the Beb­bing­ton house­hold and is caus­ing the fam­ily grief.

Their gin­ger cat is one of more than a dozen cats that have gone miss­ing in their Peregian Springs sub­urb of late.

First they thought it was foxes due to re­cent clear­ing in the re­gion – but the res­i­dents be­lieve it is some­thing far sin­is­ter.

“We have cat haters liv­ing in the same es­tate as us,” Ms Beb­bing­ton said.

“When I put a Face­book post onto the es­tate’s group about my miss­ing cat, I had peo­ple com­ment­ing nasty things.

❝I know one per­son caught a cat in a cage and left it in the back­yard all week­end. — Wendi Ramp­ton

“Then one lady mes­saged me say­ing to ‘if I find the cat in my back­yard I’d look in a pond for it’.

“That is all good, they can like what they want to like but go­ing out of your way to hurt an­i­mals is so wrong.”

Fel­low Peregian Springs res­i­dent Wendi Ramp­ton is another who’s copped foul on­line crit­i­cism from the cat haters.

She too as­sumed foxes were the source, un­til the haters came out of the wood­work.

“One, two, three, four,” she rat­tled off how many cats had gone miss­ing all the way to 12.

“I rang around to RSPCA and the vets and they all be­lieved it to be sus­pi­cious. Af­ter see­ing all the posts about cat haters, say­ing they don’t de­serve to breed and how worth­less they are, it makes you think.

“I know one per­son caught a cat in a cage and left it in the back­yard all week­end. No food or wa­ter, it nearly died.

“Are they catch­ing the cats? Are they giv­ing them to grey­hound train­ers? We just don’t know.

“I don’t know why peo­ple would do this? It’s al­ways peo­ple who have never owned a cat.”

Ms Beb­bing­ton still holds hope for Rusty to walk back in the door but ad­mits it is wan­ing.

“To be hon­est I haven’t stopped cry­ing about it,” she said. “We have had him for 11 years and he is pretty much like another child, part of the fam­ily.

“If I found out he is dead, at least I then know he is def­i­nitely not com­ing back. It is the not know­ing that is re­ally dis­tress­ing. It is the worst. I re­ally feel lost with­out him.”

She has since put up a $500 reward for Rusty.


MISS­ING: Peregian Springs res­i­dent Tasha Beb­bing­ton's daugh­ter Hay­ley with their lost cat Rusty.

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