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Cryp­tic clues ACROSS

5 A top­less ogre fish with debts is fond of com­pany 7 Take a meal in the the­atre 8 Speaks harshly with grat­ing sounds 10 Back on the over­seas Yule­tide 12 The min­is­ter for fi­nance uses wealth and riches right to the end 14 That which co­ag­u­lates flour per­haps 20 Ring the fel­lows for a sign 21 Re­move all traces of a pe­riod of time out­side Smal­lville 22 A record high moun­tain 23 Go down hill and rot


1 The small­est num­ber of idle as­trologers within 2 Give rise to fore­cast op­er­a­tion

Quick clues ACROSS

5 So­cia­ble 7 Con­sume food 8 Coarse files 10 Christ­mas 12 The per­son in charge of the money 14 Congeal­ing agent 20 Fore­bod­ing 21 Rub out 22 Po­lit­i­cal party (init) 23 Worsen


1 Min­i­mum 2 Rea­son 3 Fur­naces 4 Odd 5 At­tic 6 Auc­tion 9 Charge 11 Ex­ter­nal 13 Go back on a prom­ise 15 Grasp 16 Push for­ward 17 Rest on one’s knees 18 At no time 19 De­tect­ing sys­tem 3 Open­ing kicks by a trainee poles apart, pro­duces heaters 4 Some unique er­rors are pe­cu­liar 5 El­gar re­turns briefly to the loft 6 Fore­saw the French trans­ac­tion 9 Value of a fi­nal no­tice after mid-April 11 Ex­te­rior route for a change 13 Break one’s word about new starters in the mid­dle ages 15 Clutch with a wrestling grip 16 Drive a lit­tle devil on the back wheel 17 Bow down and gen­u­flect 18 Cer­tainly not in one verse 19 Within rights, a de­vel­op­ment ap­pli­ca­tion ini­tially leads to a lo­cat­ing de­vice

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