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All through 2016, Peter Cam­pion re­peated what was then his po­lit­i­cal dogma in all the lo­cal pa­pers, say­ing that the tem­per­a­ture was NOT go­ing up. By 2017 he’d changed his mind and was telling usx­otic rea­sons why it wasn’t fos­sil fu­els that were caus­ing the in­crease.

I asked re­peat­edly which of th­ese con­tra­dic­tory ideas he now be­lieved in, and re­ceived some of the most imag­i­na­tive and ob­scure name-call­ing I’ve ever en­coun­tered in re­sponse.

P.C. has tried re­peat­edly to as­cribe po­lit­i­cal mo­ti­va­tions to my fact-check­ing, but no, it’s strictly per­sonal. P.C. keeps pre­sent­ing un­truths, false fig­ures and mis­lead­ing half-truths, so I keep chal­leng­ing them. It’s the facts not the fac­tions that I’m in­ter­ested in. I think of P.C. as the loud-mouth at the bar, red­faced, spit­tle fly­ing, who thinks hat­ing is an ar­gu­ment; a se­rial whinger with ir­ri­ta­ble mouth syn­drome whose ef­flu­ence of un­der­stand­ing pours forth with the charm of a leaky tap. Some­one who only be­lieves the tiny num­ber of sci­en­tists that have been ap­proved by his po­lit­i­cal su­pe­ri­ors [Po­lit­i­cally Cor­rect sci­en­tists], who crit­i­cises and slan­ders hon­est, hard-work­ing Aus­tralian sci­en­tists, one of whom was my daugh­ter. So no, I don’t need any grou­phugs to mo­ti­vate me to re­spond to his sloppy re­search or his ab­surd fan­tasies, just a de­sire to clear the air. MICK CORLEY, Ma­landa


There’s a war on. We’re fight­ing “car­bon” – which is a re­ally odd thing for car­bon­based life­forms to do.

Ac­tu­ally, the gen­er­als in this war say “car­bon” but they mean “car­bon diox­ide”, a gas. “Car­bon” is a solid. Soot is car­bon. Di­a­monds are car­bon. There is no “car­bon gas”.

The gas “car­bon diox­ide” (CO2), is one part car­bon to two parts oxy­gen. It’d be more ac­cu­rate to call it “oxy­gen” than “car­bon”. But “oxy­gen” doesn’t sound sooty enough.

Does sci­ence mis-de­scribe sub­stances? Or does mar­ket­ing do that?

Plants use CO2, water, trace el­e­ments and sun­light’s pho­tons to make car­bo­hy­drates. With­out ad­e­quate at­mo­spheric CO2 all car­bon-based life goes ex­tinct - in­clud­ing us.

CO2 is now at 400ppm. Of­fices with re­cy­cling air-con­di­tion­ing of­ten have around 4000ppm CO2. That’s why of­fice plants can thrive with sub-op­ti­mal light and ir­reg­u­lar wa­ter­ing.

Hu­man ex­ha­la­tions are 40,000ppm CO2. But we can use ex­ha­la­tions to re­sus­ci­tate an­other per­son. Does that sound like a “toxic gas”?

What about CO2-warm­ing? That myth is busted. 4 mol­e­cules in 10,000 can only frac­tion­ally slow heat down on its way back to space – noth­ing more.

The warmists’ much-her­alded “mul­ti­plier ef­fect” with water vapour hasn’t hap­pened. It should have been mea­sur­able by now. It’s not.

So, why de­monise CO2? The small group that en­gi­neered this cam­paign in the 1960s were bril­liant mar­keters, but lousy sci­en­tists.

They ma­nip­u­lated our pri­mal fear of rough weather to ad­vance their po­lit­i­cal agenda and make bil­lions.

Ev­ery day we are forced to pay and ev­ery day we get force-fed their agenda.

When you hear some­thing scary about “car­bon”, re­mem­ber, planet Earth is fine.

It is the per­son de­liv­er­ing the scare that you should be wor­ried about. PETER CAM­PION, Tolga


Many years ago when my grand­kids were only a cou­ple of years old, our prop­erty was un­fenced.there is a lot of un­de­vel­oped land be­hind us. As a treat for the kids I was feed­ing wal­la­bies that lived be­hind us in the bush and when the chil­dren came to visit they loved it .

But, on a about three of oc­ca­sions there was a cou­ple of large dogs that would come just af­ter dark. They at­tacked the wal­la­bies. The vi­o­lence of their attack was hor­rific. I went to the aid of one wal­laby once but as I got close enough to try and help, I feared for my own safety, and I mean it.

Th­ese dogs acted in mad frenzy and I firmly be­lieve that the wal­laby deaths at Ma­reeba Race Course could very eas­ily have been done by dogs. BARRY BRAES, Ma­reeba


Aus­tralian Swim­ming has banned medals from ju­nior swim­ming car­ni­vals. Just when the whole coun­try is on the edge of their seats cheering on their champions in the Com­mon­wealth Games for Gold, Sil­ver or Bronze. I was at a masters swim meet last Saturday in Ather­ton and there were swim coaches present who could not be­lieve there are of­fi­cials who would be­lit­tle the achieve­ments of the thou­sands of swim­mers and coaches who make up Swim­ming Aus­tralia. The tim­ing is atro­cious. The ra­tio­nale put for­ward is that the ju­nior swim­mers should be self mo­ti­vated?

Swim­ming Aus­tralia should know Aus­tralia is a democ­racy not a dic­ta­tor­ship.

This kind of ad­min­is­tra­tive bul­ly­ing saw the coun­try’s top swim­mer, Dawn Fraser, banned for 10 years in Tokyo for “sou­venir­ing” an Olympic flag.

The next Olympic Games will also be in Tokyo and hope­fully the bul­lies will have gone from Swim­ming Aus­tralia by then. IRENE SHANKS, Ma­reeba

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