New for­mula treats long wool for long term


THE Avenge pour-on lou­si­cide for sheep now also pro­tects against blowfly strike in long wool.

Avenge, con­tain­ing imi­da­clo­prid, is the mar­ket lead­ing sheep lou­si­cide pour-on in Aus­tralia.

Now when used as di­rected Avenge pledges also to give pro­duc­ers up to 14 weeks pro­tec­tion against blowfly strike.

The lou­si­cide should be ap­plied six weeks to eight months after shear­ing or up to 10 weeks when ap­plied off-shears.

“This is an ex­cit­ing devel­op­ment for the fly pre­ven­tion mar­ket as it has been a long while since a new ac­tive has be­come avail­able to pre­vent fly­strike on both long wool and off-shears” said Domenic Dell’Osa, tech­ni­cal ser­vices vet­eri­nar­ian with Bayer An­i­mal Health which man­u­fac­tures Avenge.

Dr Dell’Osa were cau­tious said farm­ers of re­sis­tance emerg­ing with a broad range of par­a­sites on farm and hav­ing a new al­ter­na­tive was ex­pected to be wel­comed by pro­duc­ers to ad­dress this con­cern.

He said there was no known re­sis­tance with Avenge and as it now of­fered long last­ing pro­tec­tion against fly­strike, farm­ers could elim­i­nate dou­ble han­dling through the con­ve­nience of one dual-ac­tion prod­uct.

Dr Dell’Osa said the new fly­strike claim re­lat­ing to long wool had been com­pre­hen­sively tri­alled with out­stand­ing re­sults.

“The prod­uct’s ef­fi­cacy has been con­firmed in an ex­ten­sive trial pro­gram on work­ing prop­er­ties through­out Aus­tralia,” Dr Dell’Osa said.

“The field tri­als demon­strated out­stand­ing pre­ven­tion of fly­strike when com­pared against cur­rent ac­tives in the mar­ket.”

Stud­ies were con­ducted in var­i­ous re­gions around Aus­tralia and in­cluded pen stud­ies with ar­ti­fi­cial lar­val im­plants placed di­rectly on to the fleece and field stud­ies with nat­u­ral fly ex­po­sure.

In these stud­ies Avenge was com­pared to sheep treated with a well-known blowfly pre­ven­ta­tive, di­cy­clanil.

Veron­ica Smith, clin­i­cal stud­ies man­ager with Bayer An­i­mal Health, said the re­sults demon­strated not only a highly ef­fec­tive pre­ven­tion of fly­strike, but also the knock­down of blowfly mag­gots.

“The prod­uct was easy to ap­ply with a new cus­tomised fly noz­zle to en­sure a high vol­ume treat­ment in long wool.”

Avenge is avail­able through ac­cred­ited Bayer agents. For de­tails visit www.far­mad­vi­sor. or call 1800 678 368. DUAL PUR­POSE: Avenge lou­si­cide is now also proven against fly­strike.

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