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Tasmanian Country - - THE STOCK REPORT - Richard Bai­ley

CAT­TLE prices through­out the east­ern states re­main a talk­ing point among pro­duc­ers and traders, with many con­cerned about how much fur­ther prices will fall.

Dur­ing the past week ex­port cat­tle prices fell a fur­ther 10c/kg at ma­jor sa­le­yards and in par­tic­u­lar at Pak­en­ham and Wagga some ma­jor ex­porters stayed out of the mar­ket. At Pakemham on Mon­day re­ports said 450 grown steers av­er­aged 12c/kg to 15c/kg cheaper with 114 C3 steers of 500kg to 600kg sell­ing from 259c/kg to 275c/kg to av­er­age 267c/kg. while 130 heavy C4 bul­locks made 261c/kg to 276c to av­er­age 266c/kg liveweight.

The cow mar­ket at Wagga on Mon­day also fell with heavy beef cows mak­ing 219c/kg to 252c/kg with av­er­ages be­tween 230c/kg and 239c/kg.

The good news from a seller point of view is the young cat­tle mar­ket is in a hold­ing pat­tern sup­ported by re­stock­ers after good l rains through quite a bit of the east­ern states. At Wagga a run of 480 heavy year­ling steers sold to feed­lots av­er­ag­ing 298c/kg live, still pretty rea­son­able prices.

Lo­cally, both ex­porters are killing good num­bers and I think the gen­eral con­sen­sus is there will be suf­fi­cient cat­tle at least un­til the new year.

The sea­son will play a part i after a very hot week with more to come and re­ports that parts of the state have dried very quickly and will need to off­load some cat­tle in the near fu­ture. Many of th­ese will be stores and while the North-West Coast is in good shape th­ese cat­tle will con­tinue to sell well. Powranna store-cat­tle sales over the next two Thurs­days will tell a story.

There ap­pears to only be pos­i­tive news for lambs and sheep with lamb prices con­tin­u­ing to mo­tor along in most in­ter­state mar­kets.

Lo­cally this week we had the first de­cent num­ber of new lambs for the sea­son and th­ese all sold well. At Bendigo on Mon­day prices were up to $5 a head cheaper, mainly be­cause qual­ity dropped off, but on the same day at Hamil­ton prices were fully firm for a very good qual­ity yard­ing.

This time of the year Hamil­ton has a two-day lamb sale and Mon­day and Wed­nes­day this week they yarded 52,633 lambs and this will build over the next cou­ple of weeks. Heavy lambs made $160 to $176 and extra heavy $175 to $209 av­er­ag­ing 605c/kg to 610c/kg car­cass weight while heavy trade lambs made $156 to $163 and medium trade $123 to $154 to av­er­age 620c/kg. Light score-2 lambs made $90 to $117 and worked out around 655c/kg. For this time of the year th­ese are record prices.

There are for­ward con­tracts at 600c/kg to 630c/kg for Jan­uary de­liv­ery in Vic­to­ria and South Aus­tralia which look very at­trac­tive. The in­ter­est­ing thing is his­tor­i­cally prices in Jan­uary are bet­ter than Novem­ber and De­cem­ber and in fact in eight out of the last 10 sea­sons that has been the case.

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