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Oven busy? Don’t skip dessert – let your slow cooker work its magic!

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Put the slow cooker on dessert duty – it’s your ex­tra pair of hands when the oven and stove­top are al­ready in ac­tion.

There’s more to slow cook­ers than casseroles, soups and cur­ries – they can also turn out de­lec­ta­ble sweet dishes, such as cus­tards, crum­bles, ap­ple pie and cob­blers, to name a few. When you’re al­ready us­ing the oven for savoury dishes, or you want to get dessert ready ahead of time, they’re the per­fect so­lu­tion. The mois­ture in the slow cooker cre­ates a steam-like en­vi­ron­ment that pro­duces beau­ti­fully ten­der cakes and crum­bles, and flavour-packed sauces.

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