Hap­pi­ness is… our blush­ing pink, fairy bread pavlova turn­ing up to your party! - - THIS MONTH -

fairy bread pavlova serves 10 | prep 45 mins (+ cool­ing & set­ting time) | cook­ing 2 hours 5 mins

1 Pre­heat oven to 120°C/100°C fan forced. Draw a 20cm cir­cle on each of 2 sheets of baking pa­per. Turn each sheet, marked side down, onto a baking tray. 2 Use elec­tric beat­ers with a whisk at­tach­ment to whisk egg whites and cream of tar­tar in a clean, dry bowl un­til firm peaks form. Grad­u­ally add sugar, 1 tbs at a time, beat­ing con­stantly un­til sugar dis­solves and mix­ture is thick and glossy. Beat in vanilla. 3 Di­vide meringue among marked cir­cles. Use a palette knife to spread, shape and rough up the sides. Bake, swap­ping trays half­way through cook­ing, for 2 hours or un­til meringues are crisp and dry. Turn the oven off. Leave the meringues in the oven, with the door closed, to cool com­pletely. 4 Mean­while, re­move ic­ing and trim dark edges from cake. Care­fully cut cake in half hor­i­zon­tally. Cut each cake layer in half length­ways, then into 2cm-wide pieces. Place 3 ⁄4 cup hun­dreds and thou­sands in a bowl. Place the ic­ing sugar in a sep­a­rate bowl and add the but­ter. Pour boil­ing wa­ter over the but­ter and stir un­til melted and smooth. Us­ing a fork, dip a piece of cake in the ic­ing to coat. Tap fork on side of bowl to re­move ex­cess. Care­fully roll in hun­dreds and thou­sands, pat­ting to coat. Place on a wire rack. Re­peat to coat re­main­ing cake pieces. Set aside for 30 min­utes to set. 5 Line a baking tray with baking pa­per. Place the choco­late in a mi­crowave-safe bowl. Mi­crowave on Medium, stir­ring ev­ery 30 sec­onds, un­til melted and smooth. Spread the top of each meringue disc with a lit­tle melted choco­late. Sprin­kle some of the re­main­ing hun­dreds and thou­sands around the edge. Spread re­main­ing melted choco­late over the lined tray to make a thin sheet. Place wooden spoon han­dles or rolling pins un­der the baking pa­per so the choco­late will set in waves. Sprin­kle with the re­main­ing hun­dreds and thou­sands. Set aside for 20 min­utes to set. 6 Use elec­tric beat­ers to beat the thick­ened cream and dou­ble cream in a bowl un­til firm peaks form. Spoon a third of the cream into a sep­a­rate bowl and add a lit­tle pink food colour­ing. Stir gen­tly un­til the cream is a pale pink. Add the pink cream to the re­main­ing whipped cream and fold a few times to cre­ate a swirled ef­fect. Spoon into a pip­ing bag fit­ted with a fluted noz­zle. 7 Pipe half the cream on top of 1 pavlova. Ar­range half the fairy bread lam­ing­tons on top. Care­fully place the re­main­ing pavlova on top. Pipe the re­main­ing cream over to dec­o­rate. Top with the re­main­ing fairy bread lam­ing­tons. Break the white choco­late shard into a few large pieces and dec­o­rate the top. Sprin­kle with freeze-dried straw­ber­ries.

Michelle Southan

This su­per-cute pav is our sweet trib­ute to Aus­tralia Day, fea­tur­ing the Aussie party food tri­fecta of fairy bread, lam­ing­ton and pavlova. We’ve sprin­kled the pretty in pink pav with a riot of colour­ful fun!

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