Pan­cakes don’t have to be loaded with sugar to be sweet. - - COOK IT NOW! -

These pan­cakes are rich in pro­tein and loaded with good­ness. In­stead of the usual one or two eggs in the bat­ter, I’ve used four to in­crease the pro­tein and iron con­tent. The ba­nana gives a boost of potas­sium, fi­bre and B vi­ta­mins, as well as nat­u­ral sweet­ness so there’s no need to add sugar. I’ve added nut meal, too, for ex­tra pro­tein and nu­tri­ents. Pur­ple flour is worth seek­ing out, as it con­tains an­tho­cyanins, a type of an­tiox­i­dant found in pur­ple foods. Milk ke­fir gives some pro­bi­otics (they’re heat sen­si­tive, so try not to over­cook the pan­cakes). To fin­ish, top your stack with fresh ri­cotta – which gives a deca­dent creami­ness with­out the calo­ries of pure cream – a light driz­zle of pure maple syrup and your pick of sea­sonal fruit.

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