berry meringue mess

serves 4| prep 10 mins - - COOK IT NOW! -

125g straw­ber­ries, hulled 250g rasp­ber­ries 2 tsp rosewater 350g full-cream unsweet­ened yo­ghurt 4 (10g) vanilla meringue kisses, roughly bro­ken

1 Place straw­ber­ries, half the rasp­ber­ries and the rosewater in a blender and blend to a smooth puree. 2 Trans­fer the puree to a bowl and add the yo­ghurt and meringue. Gen­tly fold to­gether, but do not mix com­pletely as you want a lovely berry swirl through the yo­ghurt. 3 Spoon onto a large plat­ter and serve scat­tered with the re­main­ing rasp­ber­ries.

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