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Good fats: Healthy fats help boost me­tab­o­lism and keep you feel­ing full for longer. Wa­ter: One of the eas­i­est ways to get glow­ing skin is to drink 2L of wa­ter a day, ide­ally fil­tered. Sleep: While we sleep, our skin makes new col­la­gen, part of the re­pair process that helps re­duce wrin­kles and dry­ness. Whole foods: Re­mem­ber, less food out of a packet and more out of the ground; the nearer the food is to its nat­u­ral state, the bet­ter. Gut health: Fer­mented foods like kim­chi, sauer­kraut and miso help re­bal­ance the bac­te­ria that colonise our di­ges­tive sys­tem.

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