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Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that could do away with the in­con­ve­nience of car­ry­ing around a mea­sur­ing tape? Well, we might have to go on won­der­ing be­cause we had some prob­lems with Moa­sure. While the app does have a very clean in­ter­face and a pretty good tu­to­rial — let­ting you know the ways in which you can mea­sure from one point to an­other — it un­for­tu­nately doesn’t tell you where on your phone is the op­ti­mal place to use as the start and end­ing edges. Us­ing the sim­plest of mea­sure­ments (from A to B on a flat sur­face), we found that Moa­sure was at least 4cm off (some­times, even up to 10cm) with each at­tempt. An­noy­ingly, the tu­to­rial sug­gests that you mea­sure your sub­ject sev­eral times and take an av­er­age (that’s right, av­er­age) and, if one mea­sure­ment is dras­ti­cally dif­fer­ent to the others, just delete it.

The app does do one thing well, how­ever, and that is mea­sur­ing an­gles. We found this func­tion to be very ac­cu­rate, but is it worth spend­ing ac­tual money on? No. No, it isn’t. Be­cause while it might be nice to have a handy vir­tual mea­sur­ing tape in your pocket, you’d be a fool to trust it. Just buy a mea­sur­ing tape and go back to the tried and tested way of do­ing things.

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