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Spla­toon 2 SHOW­ING US ITS TRUE COLOURS FOR A SEC­OND TIME. $79.95 | Switch | www.nin­tendo.com

MAK­ING A SPLASH (or splat) to­wards the end of the Wii U’s short life­span, the first Spla­toon be­came an in­stant favourite amongst those who owned the con­sole, giv­ing the team-based com­pet­i­tive shooter genre a much needed shake up in the process. Now, Nin­tendo is hop­ing to build an even big­ger au­di­ence on the Switch for its neon paint-soaked se­quel, and given the portable con­sole’s al­ready large in­stall base, it’s bound to be­come its pre­mier mul­ti­player ti­tle for the fore­see­able fu­ture.

You play as an In­kling, a life­form that shapeshifts be­tween hu­man and squid-like forms and uses a paint and ink-based arse­nal of weapons. While the ob­ject of most shoot­ers is to kill ev­ery­thing in your path, this kid­friendly game’s main mul­ti­player mode, Turf War, mixes things up by hav­ing play­ers coat as much of the bat­tle arena in your team’s paint colour as pos­si­ble. You can also splat­ter mem­bers of the op­pos­ing team with paint, too, and while that ap­proach nets you some ex­tra points, it isn’t the over­all goal — the team with the most ground cov­ered at the end of the bout is the one that achieves vic­tory. There are are a num­ber game­play ben­e­fits to paint­ing maps in your team’s colour, too. For in­stance, your char­ac­ter runs faster over your own paint colour and slower over the op­po­si­tion’s, while in squid form, you can swim through it, al­low­ing you to get around the map at a de­cent clip. You also have a lim­ited amount of ink in your tank, and swim­ming in your colour fills it back up again — we found that shoot­ing at the ground and div­ing into the newly-formed ink pud­dle was a quick way to top back up in the heat of bat­tle (yes, you can get high on your own sup­ply in this game).

The game’s sin­gle-player cam­paign mode is slightly longer than the one in the orig­i­nal Spla­toon (around 6 hours), with five sec­tors of­fer­ing a to­tal of 32 fun, chal­leng­ing lev­els (you also have some truly won­der­ful boss bat­tles to look for­ward to). Spla­toon 2’ s new mode, Salmon Run, is a co-op horde mode that finds you and three other play­ers fight­ing off in­creas­ingly ag­gres­sive waves of the zom­bie-like Sal­monid, where the ob­jec­tive is to har­vest their eggs and de­posit them in the cen­tre of the map. Frus­trat­ingly, Salmon Run’s on­line mode is only ac­ces­si­ble at cer­tain times — on odd lim­i­ta­tion that slightly im­pairs this oth­er­wise fan­tas­tic game­play ad­di­tion. With its sat­is­fy­ing bal­ance of sin­gle- and mul­ti­player con­tent, Spla­toon 2 is per­haps the ul­ti­mate Switch ti­tle — play the cam­paign mode while you’re out and about and its on­line mul­ti­player while you’re at home, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bet­ter en­cap­su­la­tion of what makes the mod­u­lar con­sole so ver­sa­tile.

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