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The next time you’re not feel­ing your best, just step out into your gar­den and in­gest some soil. [ Yeah, please don’t ac­tu­ally do that — Ed.] As it turns out, the mi­cro­biome present in dirt could ac­tu­ally make you feel bet­ter. In 2004, an on­col­o­gist in Lon­don, in­jected a lung can­cer pa­tient with a harm­less soil bac­te­ria called My­cobac­terium vac­cae to see if it would help pro­long his life. Even though that ex­per­i­ment failed, oth­ers suc­ceeded, with the on­col­o­gist ex­plain­ing the bac­te­rial in­jec­tions “sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved pa­tient qual­ity of life”, re­duc­ing the emo­tional toll can­cer takes on the per­son.

Af­ter years of study, there’s ev­i­dence to sug­gest that play­ing in dirt, and pos­si­bly get­ting some in, may be good not only in terms of in­creas­ing our im­mu­nity, but the M. vac­cae in dirt could help ward off anx­i­ety and de­pres­sion.

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