D-Link DSP-W215

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AVAIL­ABLE FOR $50, the D-Link DSP-W215 makes it easy to add smarts to nor­mal ap­pli­ances. The de­vice con­nects to your ex­ist­ing Wi-Fi net­work, so no hub, or other D-Link prod­ucts are re­quired. The plug is con­trolled via the my­dlink mo­bile app, which al­lows man­ual on/off con­trol, as well as sched­ul­ing. Tak­ing it a step fur­ther, the plug also mon­i­tors power use, and can be used to re­motely mon­i­tor ex­actly how much an ap­pli­ance is adding to your power bill. Get­ting the smart plug con­nected to your net­work is easy, thanks to the WPS but­ton, and the app is avail­able on An­droid and iOS. The plugs also in­te­grate into other ser­vices, in­clud­ing Google Home, al­low­ing them to be con­trolled via voice com­mands. Like a power board, the smart plug has built-in ther­mal over­load shut off, if too much power is be­ing used. The smart plug can also be used with other D-Link prod­ucts, such as the move­ment sen­sor or se­cu­rity cam­era. For those who want a slightly bet­ter deal, there is also a kit of two smart plugs avail­able for $89.

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