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VIR­TU­ALBOX IS A free app in which you can cre­ate a Win­dows 10 ‘vir­tual ma­chine’. This means you can run Win­dows, use pro­grams writ­ten for it, and share files from the com­fort of your macOS desk­top. In or­der to pro­ceed, all you need to do is buy a Win­dows 10 DVD or down­load an ISO file, as well as ob­tain a valid prod­uct key for your cho­sen ver­sion.

Our guide also con­tains tips on in­stalling the Vir­tu­alBox Ex­ten­sion Pack and Guest Ad­di­tions. These al­low for the more ad­vanced fea­tures that you would find in a phys­i­cal com­puter, in­clud­ing fullscreen mode (press Com­mand-F to switch to it) and sup­port for USB de­vices. Once you have fol­lowed our walk­through, check out Vir­tu­alBox’s De­vices menu for more hidden trea­sures. Choose ‘De­vices > Shared Clip­board > Bidi­rec­tional’ to be able to copy and paste text be­tween macOS and your vir­tual Win­dows ma­chine.

You can use drag and drop to move files and fold­ers be­tween sys­tems. PCs are more prone to mal­ware than Macs, so you may want to en­able the ‘host to guest’ set­ting. For fur­ther peace of mind, you can choose only to share spe­cific fold­ers from your Mac, such as Down­loads. Pick ‘De­vices > Shared Fold­ers > Shared Fold­ers Set­tings’ to add a spe­cific Mac folder. You’ll then have ac­cess to your des­ig­nated fold­ers in Win­dows’ File Ex­plorer un­der ‘Net­work > VBOXSVR’.

Look in your vir­tual ma­chine’s View menu to find op­tions for how Win­dows’ desk­top scales and to take screen­shots.

You can ac­cess shared Mac fold­ers un­der Net­works in Win­dows; right-click to cre­ate a short­cut on the desk­top.

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