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FACE­BOOK’S NEW MATE? $0.99 | tinyurl.com/tla75-fella It seems un­fath­omable to pay for apps to ac­cess a ser­vice that is free, and the of­fi­cial app for that ser­vice is free, too. How­ever, there is a key ben­e­fit to Fella, and that’s be­ing able to scroll through your Face­book feed and ac­cess Mes­sen­ger all in one app. Face­book all but forces mo­bile users to use the Mes­sen­ger app to send mes­sages, which re­quires ei­ther the reg­u­lar Mes­sen­ger app and all of the pri­vacy com­pro­mises that go with it, or log­ging on to the mo­bile web­site and us­ing Mes­sen­ger with all of its pri­vacy com­pro­mises, too. Fella is a wrap­per — you log in, see your feed, and the mes­sages icon is nes­tled in the row of icons at the top. Dig into the op­tions and you can cus­tomise the ap­pear­ance with dif­fer­ent colours and tex­tures. It’s all very snappy and easy to use since it apes Face­book, but there are a few quirks. The main one is that the app doesn’t scroll up when try­ing to com­ment, block­ing the text en­try box, but post­ing on your wall is fine. For the price, it’s pos­si­bly worth it for one con­ve­nience, but trad­ing off for another may see you jug­gling be­tween it and the mo­bile site.

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