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WHITE­BOARDS FOR VIR­TUAL MEET­INGS $14.99 | get­pix­el­boar­d­app.com Vir­tual meet­ings can be use­ful, but they of­ten lack a cru­cial com­po­nent: a vir­tual white­board where you can sketch ideas. That’s some­thing that Black Pixel en­coun­tered, and so cre­ated a vir­tual white­board app. The app en­ables you to share three boards with up to nine peo­ple. The free trial is fully fea­tured for two weeks; you can per­ma­nently un­lock Pro for $14.99 to keep us­ing mul­ti­ple boards, col­lab­o­ra­tion fea­tures and ges­ture sup­port. The in­ter­face is very sim­ple and straight­for­ward, so no­body’s wast­ing time try­ing to make it work when you’re sup­posed to be work­ing to­gether. It works just like a real white­board does, with the rather bril­liant ad­di­tion of dis­ap­pear­ing ink that re­mains on the board for only a short time. The ges­ture tools make it easy to high­light or point to el­e­ments of the cur­rent board, and you can save screen­shots to re­fer to them later. It’s not per­fect, though. You can save im­ages but not im­port them, and if you don’t have a stylus, your scrib­bles (like ours) will look rather child­ish — even on an iPad Pro. Also, the app re­quires iOS 11, so older iPads aren’t in­vited to the party. How­ever, if you have dainty fin­gers and up-to-date iPads to work with, then it’s a use­ful and well-priced tool for your col­lab­o­ra­tive work.

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