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“WORDS, WORDS, WORDS — I’M SO SICK OF WORDS!” Free | www.u-dic­tionary.com/home U-Dic­tionary is one of those apps that is as use­ful as you make it. Dic­tionary, trans­la­tor or lan­guage learn­ing. It’s pri­mar­ily an app for English-as-a-sec­ond-lan­guage users, but that’s not to say you can’t use it if you’re a bor­ing na­tive English speaker, like your hum­ble re­viewer. If you need it to be a sim­ple trans­la­tion de­vice, it can do that eas­ily for 38 lan­guages, pro­vid­ing you with con­tex­tual sen­tences in­clud­ing the word you’re look­ing up or a trans­la­tion of a whole sen­tence. But as far as help­ing English-speak­ers goes, that’s pretty much it, un­less you want to sink some se­ri­ous hours into the Syn­onym Game. If you want it to help you speak English, it has planned tests and con­ver­sa­tions you can prac­tise. If you want to brush up on your vo­cab, it has a va­ri­ety of ways to help you do that, too. There are groups to dis­cuss cer­tain top­ics or words. And lots of videos. Does it suf­fer from try­ing to do too much? That’s hard to say, but the in­ter­face could prob­a­bly use some work. In or­der to find out what the app can do, you have to scroll through all the dif­fer­ent ac­tiv­ity types, rather than see them all in a drop­down menu or hide­able side­bar. It’s all po­ten­tially very use­ful, if you can find what you’re look­ing for.

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