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“GIV­ING A F*** ABOUT CO2 SINCE 1958.” car­bon­dooms­ Car­bon Dooms­day is a site on a mis­sion — it wants to show you just how much car­bon diox­ide is in the Earth’s at­mos­phere, and it wants to make an im­pres­sion in do­ing so. The year men­tioned in the slo­gan ref­er­ences the source of the site’s data, which is taken from daily read­ings gath­ered by sci­en­tists at the Earth Sys­tem Re­search Lab­o­ra­tory (ESRL) in Hawaii since 1958. Car­bon Dooms­day then presents the in­for­ma­tion in a graph, clearly show­ing the cycli­cal­lyfluc­tu­at­ing mea­sure­ments of CO2 in the short-term (specif­i­cally, the sea­sonal cy­cle that makes up a year), but show­ing the over­all trend of in­crease over the 5- and 60-year time­frames. Since the record­ing pro­gram be­gan, the mea­sure­ment has in­creased by close to 100 PPM (Parts Per Mil­lion), climb­ing from 313.04 to 410.07 PPM, and more than 20% of the in­creases over the en­tire 60-year span have oc­curred in the last 5 years. Beyond the doom and gloom, the site kindly tells you how you can “give a f*** about it” as well, with such links rang­ing in ef­fort from shar­ing the chart on Twit­ter to vol­un­teer­ing to work for the project.

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