Camp­fire Cook­ing

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THE TRICK­I­EST MARSH­MAL­LOW YOU’VE EVER TOASTED. $5.99 | lay­ton­ RE­MEM­BER WHEN YOUR grand­fa­ther would take you camp­ing and then, as the sun went down, turn the camp­fire into a se­ries of fiendish puz­zles you had to com­plete be­fore you could eat your toasted marsh­mal­low? De­vel­oper Lay­ton Hawkes clearly does, and the mem­o­ries have found an out­let in this out­doorsy grid-based puz­zler app. Each camp­fire is di­vided into squares. Marsh­mal­lows on var­i­ous sticks are in­tro­duced, and must be toasted evenly on both sides with­out burn­ing. They can be rolled, pushed or, in the case of wooden sticks, ro­tated, and their move­ment can be blocked by burn­ing logs, the edge of the grid, or each other. Most of the time there’s one marsh­mal­low on the stick, but some­times there’s more, with two or three lit­tle patches of flame to guide them to. It starts off rel­a­tively easy, but builds to some re­ally tricky mo­ments as more items are added to the fire. Hap­pily, undo and restart but­tons are al­ways at hand, and you don’t need to com­plete all the puz­zles in an area to progress, al­though you’ll likely be tempted to do so. It’s a game nicely de­signed for mo­bile play, and de­spite an is­sue we had with the ro­tate con­trols not reg­is­ter­ing, the whole thing is sim­ple enough to mas­ter, al­though mad­den­ing to com­plete. We’re just thank­ful the lev­els aren’t timed.


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