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IT DOESN’T LOOK like much, but this match­box-sized gad­get has the power to breathe new life into old de­vices. The Konecta by Aussie com­pany Sound­whiz is both a Blue­tooth trans­mit­ter and receiver, able to con­vert an ana­logue sig­nal into some­thing your mod­ern speak­ers can pick up and play, or al­low your old, favourite corded head­phones to work wire­lessly with your iPhone X (or any other de­vice that trans­mits au­dio via Blue­tooth). Plug a 3.5mm jack in from your source or head­phones, se­lect ei­ther TX or RX, pair it with the piece of kit you want the sig­nal to go to or from, and you’re away. Vol­ume con­trols live on the side, and while they’re a bit flat and small they have a nice click to them, so you’ll have to train your mus­cle mem­ory if you wish to op­er­ate the Konecta blind.

As more and more smart­phones ditch the head­phone jack, de­vices like this of­fer a cun­ning stop­gap be­tween gen­er­a­tions of tech. You can store up to four dif­fer­ent pro­files for both trans­mit­ting and re­ceiv­ing, but not at the same time; once you flick the switch be­tween receiver/trans­mit­ter, the mem­ory is wiped.

There are other short­com­ings, too, as it isn’t wa­ter­proof at all, so us­ing it while ex­er­cis­ing can be haz­ardous. Nor is there a clip, so you’ll have to find a way to stash it while on the move.

Sound­whiz gen­er­ously pro­vides a whole bunch of ca­bles — you get a short male-to-male 3.5mm cord, male stereo RCA to fe­male adapter, a large 6.35mm jack adapter, and a mi­cro USB cord for charg­ing. Ex­pect a day or so out of the bat­tery.

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