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The name may be a lit­tle Or­wellian, and while some of those con­no­ta­tions sur­vive in the app’s func­tion­al­ity, the end-prod­uct is a lit­tle more harm­less than that. Neverthink’s aim is one of con­ve­nience — to be “the TV of the in­ter­net” — and the ti­tle is ref­er­enc­ing the fact that the videos on the app are cu­rated for you, re­mov­ing the need to think about what to watch. In fact, all you’ll have to do is choose from one of the app’s cat­e­gories, whether it’s world news, memes, doc­u­men­taries or LOL (yeah...), and your stream of videos is ready.

Neverthink streams em­bed­ded videos from YouTube, so once the video is play­ing, you’ll be fa­mil­iar with the in­ter­face. We men­tioned cu­ra­tion be­fore, but this ser­vice is proudly al­go­rithm-free. In­stead, the di­verse team at Neverthink hand-pick videos ev­ery day, se­lect­ing what they deem ap­pro­pri­ate for each of the chan­nels.

If you’re in the habit of get­ting caught in YouTube-holes, then this app will cer­tainly ex­ac­er­bate it (for bet­ter or for worse), and al­though the app func­tions as in­tended, there is some­thing rather irk­some about tak­ing mind­less entertainment lit­er­ally.

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