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We en­joyed Cap­tain Toad when it came out on Wii U and we con­tinue to en­joy it now. Nin­tendo doesn’t al­ways hit it out of the park and, some­times, it doesn’t aim to. Cap­tain

Toad: Treasure Tracker is not a game in­tended to wow the hard­core fan­base or blow peo­ple away with its in­no­va­tion. It is sup­posed to en­ter­tain for a few hours and of­fer bite-sized nuggets of up­lift­ing and en­gag­ing puzzle ac­tion. And when Nin­tendo aims that lit­tle bit lower, be­neath its loftier aims for a new Mario game or a new Zelda, it of­ten man­ages to cre­ate some­thing re­ally won­der­ful. Treasure

Tracker is just such an ex­pe­ri­ence. Even if this weren’t a re-re­lease, we would say that it feels fa­mil­iar. Hav­ing Toad or Toad­ette wad­dle around a small 3D level try­ing to col­lect di­a­monds, find hid­den se­crets and ul­ti­mately grab a star be­fore mov­ing on is struc­turally very fa­mil­iar, even if the pieces are new. It’s very rem­i­nis­cent of clas­sic Mario vs Don­key Kong game­play al­beit with an ex­tra third di­men­sion in play, but the essence is sim­i­lar. The puzzle to solve is how you get around the level, of­ten in­tro­duc­ing new me­chan­ics, grab­bing ev­ery­thing you can on the way. It’s very sim­ple and stripped back, but very re­ward­ing, too.

Speak­ing more specif­i­cally about this Switch re­lease, many of the rougher edges of the orig­i­nal feel as if they have been ironed away. The oc­ca­sional touch con­trol feels nowhere near as jar­ring, and the same goes for us­ing tilt con­trols for aim­ing when you have the op­tion to fire turnips from a can­non.

What con­tin­ues to im­press on our sec­ond time play­ing this game is the qual­ity of the level de­sign. The ad­di­tion of stages based on worlds from Su­per Mario Odyssey is yet more ev­i­dence that these lit­tle dio­ra­mas are a rich for­mat for cre­ativ­ity. The small in­ter­ac­tions that al­low Toad to move around and nav­i­gate make them very pleas­ant lit­tle puzzle boxes to spend time work­ing your way through. The for­mat also makes it ideal for play­ing on the move, so it will play just as nicely on 3DS as it does on Switch in hand­held mode.

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