Opus: Rocket of Whis­pers


TechLife Australia - - DISCOVER - [ ALEX COX ]

SPACE BURI­ALS, WITCHES and a plague would usu­ally be a recipe for a zom­bie-filled ac­tion extravaganza, but in Opus: Rocket Of Whis­pers, it’s a com­bi­na­tion that makes for an en­gag­ing story of ex­plo­ration and men­tal health. John, haunted son of a rocket en­gi­neer, and Fei, a witch awo­ken af­ter 20 years of cryo­genic sleep, make for an un­likely team. As John, you’re tasked with scour­ing the land­scape in search of com­po­nents to build a rocket in or­der to send the ghosts that haunt you back to the stars from whence they came; Fei stays back at base, tak­ing care of the re­li­gious, spir­i­tual and screw­driver-wran­gling side of this space-bound ex­or­cism. John’s spec­tral tor­ment forms a big part of this care­fully paced story, pro­vid­ing both bar­ri­ers and as­sis­tance as he searches for a way to rid him­self of the ghostly voices and find some men­tal re­lief. And what a story — told in re­verse, re­vealed slowly but surely through beau­ti­ful cutscenes and un­cov­ered mem­o­ries, it more than makes up for the rather unin­spir­ing top-down game­play. It’s avail­able on mo­bile de­vices, PC and also the Switch, and there’s some­thing about the story’s heart-felt tone and un­der­ly­ing mes­sage of love and loss that re­ally works with the im­me­di­acy of hand-held de­vices. Not a long or dif­fi­cult game, but one that’ll work its way into your heart.

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