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Test your wits against our quiz­mas­ter and see how many ques­tions you can get right. For a chance to win our prize, write the an­swer to num­ber one only on the en­try coupon.The rest of the an­swers are at the bot­tom of the puz­zle.

1 Who played Gil­li­gan in the ’60s TV series Gil­li­gan’s Is­land?

2 Which singer played Aun­tie En­tity in Mad Max Beyond Thun­der­dome?

3 How many signs are in the Chi­nese zo­diac?

4 Which flower bulbs were once ex­changed as cur­rency?

5 Which Ja­panese city is an ana­gram of Tokyo?

6 Which sport is the Al­lan Bor­der Medal awarded for in Aus­tralia?

7 What re­la­tion is Scrooge McDuck to Don­ald Duck?

8 Which con­ti­nent has no trees?

9 In what month is the Mel­bourne Cup run?

10 Is a snoek a fish, bird or mam­mal?

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