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The an­swer to each clue be­low ap­pears in the grid. The first an­swer be­gins with the let­ter next to the num­ber 1, fol­low­ing to an ad­ja­cent square hor­i­zon­tally or ver­ti­cally (but not di­ag­o­nally). Each an­swer be­gins with the last let­ter of the pre­vi­ous an­swer. We’ve num­bered a few squares in the grid to help you. Once com­plete, the left­over let­ters, be­gin­ning with the fi­nal let­ter of an­swer eight, will spell a word. Write this word on the en­try coupon and you could be a win­ner.


1 Spasm that may be cured by hold­ing one's breath or drink­ing a glass of wa­ter (6) 2 Scenic view (8)

3 Soak up (6)

4 Pow­er­ful cross­bred dog (4-7) 5 Baby's drink (7) 6 Three un­der par score in a game of golf (9)

7 Se­cret spiller, pri­son in­for­mant (6)

8 Small mam­mal with tiny spines along its back (8)

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