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Five friends are be­com­ing reac­quainted at their high school re­u­nion. Use the clues be­low to work out which job each has, and how much they earn. Read through the clues and use the larger grid to record any in­for­ma­tion. Place a tick in a box if you have any def­i­nite pos­i­tive in­for­ma­tion and a cross for any def­i­nite neg­a­tive in­for­ma­tion. For ex­am­ple, you learn that Natalie is a de­signer, so we have placed some log­i­cal ticks and crosses in the grid to help. Us­ing this method, you should be able to fill in the smaller grid. Work out which job Robyn has (which is the lilac space in the lower grid) and write this an­swer on the en­try coupon.


1 Natalie has started her own busi­ness de­sign­ing web­sites 2 The high­est earner brags to his for­mer class­mates how he went from be­ing bul­lied to be­com­ing a well-paid ex­ec­u­tive

3 Eric earns four times as much as the prin­ci­pal 4 Anna works as a pri­vate tu­tor two evenings a week and has the low­est salary

5 Natalie earns more than Anna, but less than Robyn and John 6 Robyn and John both have jobs at the school they at­tended as stu­dents, but Robyn is on a higher wage

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