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Up your kitchen game! The Veg­gie Bul­let fea­tures three set­tings for slic­ing, shred­ding and spi­ral­is­ing! This unique ap­pli­ance brings out the top chef in all of us – no knife skills re­quired. www.veg­giebul­


Solve the clues and write the an­swers in the num­bered rows. All the so­lu­tions are ana­grams of the word im­me­di­ately above and be­low, plus or mi­nus one let­ter. When com­plete, the lilac squares, read­ing down, will re­veal a word. Write this word on the en­try coupon for your chance to win.


1 Ob­serve, no­tice 2 Gaelic lan­guage 3 Lim­er­ick, eg 4 Waiter or waitress, eg 5 Go back­wards in a car

6 Dra­co­nian, strict 7 Turns sharply, swerves 8 Sooth­sayer, clair­voy­ant 9 Be­fore, in po­ems

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