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GEN­ER­A­TION gaps still play havoc in the work­place, with about half of all work­ers stat­ing that their re­la­tion­ships with work­ers in other age groups are in­ef­fec­tive, new re­search shows.

Gen­er­a­tion Y work­ers still are the most dif­fi­cult to get along with in the of­fice, a Lead­er­ship Man­age­ment Aus­trala­sia sur­vey re­veals.

About one in four Baby Boomers and one in five Gen­er­a­tion X work­ers state the col­leagues they have least ef­fec­tive re­la­tion­ships with are Gen­er­a­tion Y.

Gen Y staff find Baby Boomers as the gen­er­a­tion they have the least ef­fec­tive re­la­tion­ships with and over­all only 40 per cent get along ef­fec­tively with all work­ers.

About half, or 52 per cent, of Baby Boomers get along with all gen­er­a­tions, com­pared to 43 per cent of Gen­er­a­tion X work­ers.

The high­est pro­por­tion of each gen­er­a­tion do be­lieve it is pos­si­ble to have ef­fec­tive re­la­tion­ships with all gen­er­a­tions, which is a solid sign of a har­mo­nious work­place and a chal­lenge to con­ven­tional be­lief, par­tic­u­larly about younger gen­er­a­tions.

It finds mu­tual re­spect and un­der­stand­ing are among the top char­ac­ter­is­tics re­quired for work­ers to get along.

‘‘Clearly, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, re­spect, un­der­stand­ing and recog- ni­tion all play a very strong part in build­ing the right at­mos­phere for pro­duc­tive work­ing re­la­tion­ships.

‘‘Im­por­tantly, the vast ma­jor­ity in each gen­er­a­tion be­lieves it pos­si­ble for re­la­tion­ships with other gen­er­a­tions to im­prove to a great or mod­er­ate ex­tent (71 per cent over­all).’’

Gen­er­a­tion X had the least prob­lem with Gen­er­a­tion Z work­ers, or those aged 15 years or younger.

Pre-Boomers were the most likely to get along with any gen­er­a­tion, with only 6 per cent or less of other staff stat­ing they had an in­ef­fec­tive re­la­tion­ship with those born be­fore 1945.

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