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THE harsh dif­fer­ence in the Su­per­leg­gera’s sus­pen­sion is ob­vi­ous, even be­fore reach­ing the end of the pit­lane at the Span­ish Mon­te­blanco cir­cuit where the car was launched.

It does not of­fer Grand Tour­ing abil­ity of the LP560-4 Coupe, but that is be­cause the Su­per­leg­gera was crafted for race­track prow­ess . . . and it de­liv­ers.

The lighter, sti f f er Su­per­leg­gera is a much more fo­cussed track car than the LP560-4.

Even though the sus­pen­sion is rock-hard, it is well-damped for the race­track and – with the ad­di­tional down­force – cre­ates a sense of stab- il­ity through su­per-fast sec­tions of the track, where you’re quickly grab­bing each gear through the six-speed se­quen­tial man­ual’s col­umn-mounted pad­dle shifters.

The stiffer bush­ings also en­sure there is no slack in the sus­pen­sion. The Su­per­leg­gera re­sponds swiftly to steer­ing in­puts.

Turn-in is sharper, with hardly any dis­cernible body roll. For all its con­fi­dent race­track abil­ity, there sti l l is plenty of mon­grel left in this car.

Lift off the throt­tle mid-cor­ner or fail to get the car’s weight set­tled squarely be­fore you pun­ish t h e p o werf u l ce­ramic brakes, and the weight of the mid­mounted en­gine will cause the rear of the car to dance around, re­quir- ing sub­tle steer­ing cor­rec­tions. The ESP Sport pro­gram is well cal­i­brated, and al­lows the all-wheel drive sys­tem’s 30/70 front-to-rear torque split to slide the tail when you’re pow­er­ing out of tight cor­ners.

Its em­pha­sis on re­duc­ing weight to en­hance the driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence has a sec­ond ben­e­fit: im­proved fuel ef­fi­ciency – which is be­com­ing more im­por­tant, even for su­per­car man­u­fac­tur­ers.

The Su­per­leg­gera re­turns a com­bined EU fuel econ­omy fig­ure of just 13.5L/100km, which is com­mend­able for a car with its per­for­mance po­ten­tial, and proves in­no­va­tion like Lam­borgh­ini’s will en­sure the su­per­car has a fu­ture but don’t count on them get­ting cheaper.

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