Driv­ing tips in main­land Europe

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1 Stay right. 2 Only pass on the left. 3 Im­me­di­ately re­turn to the right lane af­ter pass­ing.

4 Fre­quently monitor your mir­rors. Traf­fic ap­proach­ing from be­hind can ap­pear very quickly.

5 Move into a left lane at high­way merges to al­low traf­fic to join.

6 Obey road­works’ speed lim­its, but drive with the flow of the traf­fic. Don’t drive too slowly and be­come a mo­bile chi­cane. 7 In­di­cate all lane changes. 8 Stop at the first turn-off in a new coun­try and buy a vi­gnette and re­search tolls and road rules.

9 Keep your head­lights on at all times.

10 Be cour­te­ous to other driv­ers. Driv­ing on an au­to­bahn/au­tostrada is a priv­i­lege, not a right.

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