Run­ning sweetly


THE race with a sweet-tooth prize has come to Ade­laide.

Ci­ty­dash – a small-scale Amaz­ing Race – sees play­ers use speed, stealth and strat­egy to reach check­points and make it to the ul­ti­mate prize. That’d be cho­co­late, of course.

About 50 par­tic­i­pants will to­day race their way through the Botanic Gar­dens in the inau­gu­ral Ade­laide Ci­ty­dash.

Or­gan­iser Paul Gor­don said par­tic­i­pants had an hour to score as many points as they could find in the Gar­dens.

“Par­tic­i­pants find check­points by look­ing at a map on their phone and they get to see hints. Once they find the check­point they look for a hid­den code,” he said. “Once they en­ter the hid­den code into the app on their phone that up­dates the score­board. It sounds easy, but we have pa­trolling guards and they don’t need to catch you – they only need to see you, which is why it’s so im­por­tant to work as a team and have some­one on the look out.

“Ev­ery­one wants to re­ceive the ul­ti­mate prize, which is of course cho­co­late, and beer back at the pub.” The game, started by UK com­pany Fire Haz­ard in 2008, is played in the UK, Malta and Ger­many. In Aus­tralia, Ade­laide now joins Mel­bourne as a venue.

Fel­low or­gan­iser Amy Gor­don said cryptic clues, check­point chal­lenges and mov­ing tar­gets kept it in­ter­est­ing. She added: “At the end of the day, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.” For de­tails, visit ci­ty­


CHOC FULL OF FUN: Amy Gor­don, Jack Fabian and Klara Salinger get some prac­tice yesterday.

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