She’s bounc­ing back from a mozzie at­tack


A PARAFIELD Gar­dens tod­dler has come dan­ger­ously close to los­ing her eye­sight af­ter a se­vere re­ac­tion to a mosquito bite.

Kelly and Chris Love­grove’s daugh­ter Mad­di­son, 19 months, went to sleep as nor­mal on New Year’s Eve but woke the fol­low­ing day with her right eye swollen shut.

Mad­di­son, who of­ten suf­fers strong re­ac­tions to in­sect bites, was al­ready on an­tibi­otics and steroids to treat an­other bite Mrs Love­grove no­ticed just days be­fore.

Usu­ally Mad­di­son can be treated at home but her par­ents took no chances and rushed her to the Lyell McEwin Hos­pi­tal.

“I pan­icked,” Mrs Love- grove said. “I haven’t seen it that bad be­fore.”

Af­ter an ini­tial trip to hos­pi­tal the swelling con­tin­ued and the fam­ily’s doc­tor urged the cou­ple to take Mad­di­son back to the Lyell McEwin. She spent the next two nights be­ing treated with an­tibi­otics in­tra­venously, re­duc­ing swelling.

“The doc­tor was con­cerned she was go­ing to lose her sight, say­ing if it got any worse she prob­a­bly could have,” Mrs Love­grove said. “She was ac­tu­ally OK, but I wasn’t.”

Mad­di­son proved to be a trooper through­out treat­ment and her eye is now back to nor­mal, but Mrs Love­grove is wor­ried it could hap­pen again.

The cou­ple has done all it can to pro­tect Mad­di­son and their other four chil­dren from mos­qui­toes around their home but are at a loss for how to fully elim­i­nate the bug. “We even empty out wa­ter from the dog’s bowl out­side at night, we just do ev­ery­thing we can be­cause the small­est damp­ness, they’ll find,” Mrs Love­grove said.

UniSA med­i­cal en­to­mol­o­gist Dr Craig Wil­liams said erad­i­cat­ing mos­qui­toes de­pended on where they bred.

It was rel­a­tively easy to stop them breed­ing on your prop­erty by elim­i­nat­ing wa­ter sources.

“If from else­where, like a coastal area, and if you’re even 5km from the coast, you can still have prob­lems,” he said.

Sal­is­bury Coun­cil, which sprays lar­vi­cide from the air over coastal salt­marsh to tackle mozzies, said num­bers this year were below av­er­age.

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